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Family members

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1.The students will go over Chinese Pinyin they have learnt and practice using them to pronounce the sound of family members, such as爸爸,妈妈,哥哥,姐姐,弟弟,妹妹 and so on.
2.The students will know about the words of family members 家人,爷爷,奶奶,外公,外婆,姑姑,舅舅,叔叔,小姨。
3.The students can have the basic acknowledge of the Chinese character of those words.
4.The students can say the sentence “我爱我的家。”“我爱我的家人。”“我爱我的爷爷。”“我爱我的奶奶。”“我爱我的外公。”“我爱我的外婆。”and so on.

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