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Cooking Utensil

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1. The students should know the Chinese names of cooking utensil—筷(kuài)子(zi) (chopsticks), 餐(cān)刀(dāo) (table knife), 叉(chā)子(zi) (fork), 勺(sháo)子(zi)(spoon), 盘(pán)子(zi)(plate).
2.The students are able to say:
我(wǒ)用(yòng)一(yì)双(shuāng) 筷(kuài)子(zi) (I use a pair of chopsticks).
我(wǒ)有(yǒu)两(liǎng)把(bǎ)餐(cān)刀(dāo) (I have two knives).
我(wǒ)有(yǒu)三(sān)个(gè)叉(chā)子(zi) (I have three forks).
我(wǒ)有(yǒu) 四(sì)个(gè) 勺(sháo)子(zi).(I have four spoons.)
我(wǒ)要(yào) 几(jǐ)个(gè)盘(pán)子(zi)(I need a few plates).

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