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Colors and Connecting Letters

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  • : By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
    1. Say the Arabic names of the colors in both cases masculine and feminine.  (أسود – سوداء – أبيض- بيضاء – أحمر – حمراء – أزرق -  زرقاء – اخضر – خضراء – أصفر - صفراء).
    2. Read some Arabic letters that have similar shapes. ( ف – ق – ك – ل )
    3. Write and connect these letters in different positions of the word.
    4. Review the question “What are you/is he/is she wearing?  ماذا ترتدى / يرتدى / ترتدى؟”
    5. Connecting clothes to colors using “I am / he is / she is wearing a color + a piece of clothes.”   " أنا أرتدى / هو يرتدى / هي ترتدى ....
    6. "Connect colors with feelings and some Arabic idioms.

قلب ابيض – قلب أسود – ضحكة صفرا – القرش الأبيض ينفع في اليوم الأسود

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