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Clothes lesson plan and Handouts

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  • By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
    1. Say the Arabic names of some clothes.  (قميص – بنطلون – جينز- شورت – جاكيت – بلوفر – بدلة – بدلة رياضية – بلوزة – جيبة - فستان).
  1. Read some Arabic letters that have similar shapes. ( س – ش – ص – ض )
  2. Write and connect these letters in different positions of the word.
  3. Ask the question “What are you/is he/is she wearing?  ماذا ترتدى / يرتدى / ترتدى؟”
  4. Answer the question using “ I am / he is / she is wearing ..”     " أنا أرتدى / هو يرتدى / هي ترتدى ..........."
  5. Compare the Arabic names of the pieces of clothes with the English ones.
  6. Connect between the women dress code in the Arab world and religion.
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