Classroom and School Supplies

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1. Students will be able to grasp the pinyin and pronunciation about the 19 words about the school and classroom supplies.
2. Students will be able to match the Chinese Characters, pinyin and the English meanings through Flash Card Activity.
3. Students will be able to use the new words through various activities on quizlet.
4. Students will be able to finish a quizlet test about the 19 words.
5. Students will be able to have group competitions several times on quizlet live and the winners can get stickers as small gifts.
6. Students can present a short passage with the two sentence patterns:
There are ……in my backpack; (我的书包里有……) (at least 8 items)
There are ……in my Chinese classroom(我的中文教室里有……) (at least 8 items)

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