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Outreach Planning

Gerardo Guzman Rico

Hello professor. My name is Gerardo Guzmán Rico. I am a dual immersion coordinator at Thomas Edison Language Institute in San Juan Unified School District. Our dual immersion program focuses on Spanish and English. However, we have a significant number of students whose primary language is Arabic. We also have students who speak Pashtun and Dari (Farsi). In an attempt to be true to our name (language institute) and thinking about the population we serve, we had the opportunity to participate in a program sponsored by the State Department and the American Councils for International Education. This was a competitive grant and we were among only 29 schools in the United States who received such honor. We have an Arabic teacher from Morocco who is teaching multiple classes at Edison. Besides teaching Arabic at our school, the guest teacher needs to engage in a multitude of outreaching activities to promote the language and Moroccan culture. He currently lives in Land Park, so having a presentation at Sacramento City College will be tremendously convenient. Therefore, I am humbly requesting an opportunity or opportunities for Abdelilah El Alaoui to promote the Arabic language and the diverse cultures of his native country at Sacramento City College. I can be reached at 209-275-2231. We will be most grateful if such opportunities are granted.


Gerardo Guzmán Rico
Dual Immersion Coordinator
Thomas Edison Language Institute
San Juan Unified School District