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International Festival

Feng Nan

There's going to be an International Festival soon at Providence Elementary School. Every class has got a role of a certain country to play. I will help the class which has got the role of China and organize two performances for them to play at the Festival. They have just learned something about Chinese Mid-autumn Festival and got to know the story about Chang-E benyue, so that will be the first play. There will also be an introduction of Chinese Mid-autumn Festival at the end of the play so that all parents who come to the International Festival will know about that and probably next year they'll have mooncakes from a Chinese Supermarket to celebrate. The second performance would be a glee and Chinese dance. Students are going to learn the famous Chinese song "Jasmine Flower" both English and Chinese versions, and 5 or 6 girls can do that Chinese dancing. It's a good combination of the language and the culture.