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Interactive Online Planform

Tamer Elsharkawy

Interactive website
• A website – professionally designed- All schools in Egypt, U.S.A and China would have accounts on.
• Should be organized with drop lists – like the TCLP website; Food, Family, Festivals …….
• Each school should be admin of only one project per term, but they can participate in all projects.
• Referees would select the appropriate projects.
• Each project should have a plan with aims, materials, logistic requirements, people suggested to be involved, and time frame. …..
• Schools would search through the website, and then join the project they are interested in.
• All participants – in the same project – should keep the same time line. Providing materials required in that stage; for example photos, videos, trips ……………….
• Budget might be available for the school to carry out the project.

* Simplified Sample Plan:
Project: A trip to a famous place in my town.

* Aims
- Share information about places in Egypt, U.S and China.

- Grade 4-6
- Teachers.
- Social Worker.

- painting cards.
- pictures.
- Video.
- expenses of the trip.

Time Frame
- Oct 1st, each participant provide the plan.
- Oct 15th the field trip. And share photos.
- Oct 30th draw pictures about the place and make a research and provide written info about the place.
Nov 15th , a video of the group presenting the result of the project.
Nov 30th, TCLP or the Referee Committee announces the winner or the best group.