Guidelines for the Assignments (Read this first)

Samantha Berk


We hope that you all enjoyed the Spring Leadership workshop in Washington, DC! It was wonderful to see everyone and hear about your experiences from the past year.

Over the next few months, TCLP exchange teachers will return home equipped with new skills, knowledge, and experiences. In doing so, they are well-positioned to become teacher leaders in their educational communities in China and Egypt. Please reflect on Dr. Scott Bauer's session on How to be an Effective Leader and respond to the following three topics on the forum. Feel free to respond to posts from your TCLP colleagues as well. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Please see below for the action plans that you developed during Dr. Bauer's session, as these may be useful to you as you respond to the topics.

Please post your responses to all 3 topics on the forum by Friday, June 3rd. If you have any questions, contact TCLP staff.