30 Day Unit Plan: Greetings & Self-intro.

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By the end of the first month, my students will be able to:
1- Understand when people express thanking and know how to reply.
2-Understand when people introduce themselves and know how to interact.
3- Understand when someone asks for a name and are able to reply.
4- Recognize some common weather expressions such as hot and mild.
5- Understand when asked how old they are, what their names are, and where they live. Students should know how to answer in Arabic.
6- Greet each others in Arabic fluently using different phrases.
7- Write the letters in Arabic in both cases; separate and attached in order and pronounce them well.
8- Say the Arabic names of the colors in both cases masculine and feminine.
9- Connect colors with feelings.
10- Learn the Arabic words for jobs and workplaces.
11- Learn the verb work in present with different pronouns.
12- Learn the Arabic question words for what, where, when and who.
13- Ask and answer questions about the jobs and workplaces of some from their own family.
14- Write about the jobs and workplaces of members from their own family.
15- Learn about the Arab culture in general and the Egyptian one in particular concerning social codes of conduct, the attitude of changing one’s job, how people see colors in both nations, etc.
16- Decide on a topic to research on in order to ready themselves for the short documentary or film production next month with the help of “Genyes” team of technology in Mentor High school.

Mahmoud Hegazy
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