Chinese Cultural Immersion Trip: Art Work, Food and Festivals

Project Type: 
School Project
Award Project Round: 
Deadline Date: 
Thursday, November 30, 2017

Zhu Xiaohong received a CLP grant for her project titled “Chinese Cultural Immersion Trip: Art Work, Food and Festivals”. The grant will allow Zhu Xiaohong to collaborate with Philadelphia World Affairs Council to take 55 students to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and then to Philadelphia’s Chinatown to experience authentic Chinese food and Lunar New Year festival activities. At the Philadelphia Museum of Art, students will go on a guided tour focused specifically on Chinese artwork. Prior to the trip, students will learn vocabulary and phrases that relate to art, food and festival culture in order to make the connection between Chinese language and culture. Students will be encouraged and graded on their usage of such vocabulary and phrases during their trip (for example, they will have to describe the art that they see in Chinese terms and will have to order food together in Chinese). This project is meant to enhance students’ understanding of Mandarin through cultural connections and encourage a deeper connection with the language itself through culture. Finally, the main goal of this project is to increase students’ investment in taking Mandarin classes in order to empower them in the future and to help them be more successful in today’s continuously globalizing world.