Arabic Day Camp

Project Type: 
School Project
Award Project Round: 
Deadline Date: 
Sunday, November 1, 2009

At Provo High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, TCLP Arabic teacher Mohammed El Naggar and mentor teacher Audrey Bastian proposed an Arabic Day Camp. More than 270 students from 9 different schools throughout Utah attended this Day Camp during which six different aspects of Arabic language and culture were highlighted. Students in Provo’s Arabic program practiced their language skills with fellow student and teacher visitors. All student attendees applied what they learn in class during real life conversations as they served as guides for visitors, venders in the Arabic street market set up, and actors in Arabic role plays. Non Arabic students were exposed to new culture, customs and basic Arabic phrases. The passports that students had stamped at each station helped them share what they had learned during the day with family and friends at home. The attendance of local media at the fair helped Provo High School increase awareness of the Arabic program within the community.