Egyptian Exchange Teacher Applications

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

This page is for teachers in Egypt and Morocco interested in applying to be exchange teachers in the United States for an academic year.  

Egyptian teachers: The application for 2017-18 has now closed. To learn more about the application, please read the information below.

Moroccan teachers: If you wish to apply to TCLP as a teacher of Arabic and you are a Moroccan citizen, please contact for specific Morocco TCLP application information. The application for 2017-18 has now closed.

If you wish to apply as a U.S. host school or as a Chinese exchange teacher, please click the appropriate button below:

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Are you interested in teaching Arabic to American students? Are you interested in increasing your global competency? Would you like to improve your teaching strategies while living in the United States?

Learn more about becoming an exchange teacher with the Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP) through this online webinar with an alum host and TCLP staff members. Find out how this program can make a lasting difference in your school, community, and professional career.

To watch the webinar in English from Thursday, December 1, 2016 click below:

Please note that the webinar is only for teachers in Egypt and Morocco.

The Teachers of Critical Languages Program is funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and implemented by American Councils for International Education in cooperation with AMIDEAST in Egypt and the Moroccan-American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange in Morocco.


The Teachers of Critical Languages Program is pleased to announce an open competition for U.S. schools to host an exchange teacher from China, Egypt, or Morocco for an academic year. This program seeks to strengthen foreign language instruction at U.S. schools, while also providing the selected exchange teachers the opportunity to learn about U.S. teaching methodologies, culture, and society. The exchange teachers will teach Mandarin Chinese or Modern Standard Arabic and will also serve as a cultural resource in the host school and community.


EXCHANGE TEACHER REQUIREMENTS: Candidates will be considered without respect to race, color, religion, sexual orientation or gender. Competition for the TCLP is merit-based and open to anyone who:

  • Is a citizen of Egypt or Morocco who currently resides in their country of citizenship (Egypt or Morocco);
  • Is currently a full-time teacher of English as a Foreign Language or Arabic as a Foreign Language in a primary or secondary (K-12) school in Egypt or Morocco;
  • At the time of application has at least four years of classroom teaching experience;
  • Has a firm understanding of Modern Standard Arabic (fus’ha)
  • Has at least a Bachelor’s degree; and
  • Demonstrates a commitment to continue teaching after completion of the program;
  • Is proficient in written and spoken English; and
  • Has submitted a complete application package (Egypt: please see Application Checklist; Morocco: contact

Individuals in the following circumstances are NOT eligible for the TCLP:

  • U.S. citizens and permanent residents of the United States, or their spouses;
  • Individuals currently participating in academic, training, or research programs in the United States;
  • Individuals who have applied for U.S. permanent residency in the past three years;
  • Individuals currently studying, residing, or working outside of their home country (Egypt or Morocco);
  • Ministry of Education officials, full-time principals or educational administrators, full-time teacher trainers, education consultants, university faculty, private English Language tutors; and
  • Individuals who have participated in an exchange visitor program sponsored by the U.S. government for a period of more than six weeks in the last five years.

The U.S. Department of State and American Councils reserve the right to verify all of the information included in the application. In the event that there is a discrepancy, or information is found to be false, the application will immediately be declared invalid and the applicant ineligible.

Applications not meeting the above technical eligibility requirements will not be forwarded to the selection committee.


  • Application deadline: January 5, 2017 (closed)
  • Notification of program semi-finalists: March 2017
  • Semi-finalist interviews in Cairo/Morocco (Location TBD): Mid-March 2017
  • Notification of program finalists: April 2017
  • Pre-departure orientation (Egypt: in Cairo; Morocco: Location TBD): June 2017
  • Exchange program in the U.S.: Early August 2017 – May/June 2018


TCLP is funded through the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), U.S. Department of State and provides:

  • J-1 visa support;
  • A pre-departure orientation held in the participant's home country;
  • Round-trip travel from each participant's home country to and within the U.S.;
  • A nine-day welcome orientation in Washington, DC;
  • An approximate 10.5-month teaching assignment in a U.S. host school;
  • Professional development workshops;
  • Accident and sickness insurance (does not cover pre-existing conditions);
  • Assistance with finding housing, generally arranged by the U.S. host school/educational community;
  • Maintenance allowance of approximately $30,000 comprised of a maintenance stipend of $20,000 and an area housing allowance based on average housing prices for the assigned host community.


The U.S. Department of State and American Councils will convene an independent panel that will review the applications on the basis of the following:

  • Professional and educational experience and achievements;
  • Demonstrated leadership potential;
  • Flexibility, maturity, and ability to participate in an international academic exchange;
  • Preparedness (including maturity, flexibility, and ability to function independently) for an intensive academic year in the U.S.;
  • Ability to express ideas clearly and effectively;
  • Demonstrated commitment to current pedagogy and willingness to adapt methodology;
  • Willingness to co-teach in the U.S. classroom; and
  • Potential for developing long-term linkages between U.S., Egyptian, and Moroccan educational institutions and schools.

Applicants who have had few or no opportunities to travel to the U.S. will be given priority.

Families may visit TCLP teachers during the academic program. However, the program is unable to offer financial support for family members of participants to come to the U.S. For those participants who decide to bring their family, the families can join them only after November 22, 2017.

Exchange teachers may not extend their program in the United States, and are required to return to Egypt/Morocco after their program concludes in June 2017. Exchange teachers are also subject to the home residency requirement which obligates J-1 Exchange Program teachers to return to Egypt and reside there for two years following completion of their program.

Contact for Morocco specific application information.


  • The TCLP application deadline for Egyptian applications is January 5, 2017, 5:00 p.m. (Egypt Time) - Closed.;
  • To be considered for the program, please submit a complete application package online (please see Application Checklist for application package requirements);
  • Incomplete application packages or packages submitted by fax or e-mail will not be accepted;
  • Unless otherwise noted, please answer all questions in English;
  • If a required question does not apply to you, please enter N/A (not applicable);
  • There is a limit of three (3) attachments per applicable question; if more than three are submitted, the application may be disqualified;
  • Additional materials (such as student work or hand-outs) should NOT be included in the package; and
  • Materials that require technical equipment (such as audio or videotapes) will not be reviewed by the selection committee.


All applicants must include:

  • One completed recommendation form from a person who is the applicant’s supervisor and is familiar with his/her professional work; it cannot be written by a family member. Recommendations must be submitted with the application by the application deadline date. Recommendations submitted separately or submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Please provide an English translation of the recommendation letter if it is not written in English. The translated letter does not need to be certified or notarized, but should be clearly marked as a translation. Recommendation writers must submit their comments online through the TCLP application system.
  • Application package including professional recommendation should be submitted online no later than January 5, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. (Egypt time).
    For questions please contact:

    In Egypt
    Mariam Ibrahim
    Mailing Address:
    ATTN: Teachers of Critical Languages Program
    PO Box 417
    El Dokki, GIZA 12311

    Office Address
    38, Mohie El Din Abou El Ezz Street
    El Dokki, GIZA

    In Morocco
    Please contact for specific Morocco TCLP application information.

    OR In the U.S.


    Egyptian teachers: In order to be considered for the 2017-2018 Teachers of Critical Languages Program, your application package should include:

    • An Exchange Teacher Application Form;
    • An essay that includes detailed answers to all questions;
    • A signed copy of the Application Certification Statement;
    • Transcript(s)/teaching certifications;
    • A resume of no more than two pages;
    • A recent passport size photograph of the applicant; and
    • A recommendation from the applicant's supervisor: If the recommendation is not in English, an accurate translation must be submitted with the original.

    Application package including professional recommendation should be submitted online no later than January 5, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. (Egypt time).

    Click here to apply:
    Egyptian Teachers Apply Here